Food Service

Top 10 Reasons to buy from Classic Snacks :

1.    Improved beverage sales and profits
2.   Aggressive and competitive national pricing
3.   Food Safety Certification
4.   Experts in direct distribution programs
5.   Three convenient locations for national distribution
6.   Wide variety of specialty food products
7.   Custom designed proprietary snack blends
8.   Outstanding sales support
9.   High quality and great variety at controlled costs
10.  Doesn’t conflict with distributor volume commitments


Packaging – Classic Snacks’ packaging ensures freshness by utilizing F.D.A approved commercial sized heat sealed bags.

Food Safety – Classic Snacks has been, and continues to be, Food Safety Certified for over 15 years by independent outside agencies including ASI, AIB and NSF-Cook Thurber. We are also Kosher and Green Business Certified.

Variety – A wide variety of high quality flavors from plain to exotic.

Freshness – Classic Snacks does not use artificial ingredients, preservatives or MSG. All blends are custom made to order and shipped no later than 1 day after receipt of order.

Distribution – Classic Snacks has 3 convenient locations; Chicago, Baltimore and Phoenix.